Anatomy of Thought-Fiction: CHS Report, April 2214

anatomy-of-thought-fiction-high-resolution-coverAnatomy of Thought-Fiction: CHS Report, April 2214 is a philosophical novel that asks why we believe things that we know are untrue. In the year 2214, the Center for Humanistic Study has discovered an unpublished manuscript by Joanna Demers, a musicologist who lived some two centuries before, on the thought-fictions surrounding popular music of her time. Her writing, a hybrid of philosophy and literary prose, interrogates the music of artists ranging from David Bowie and Scott Walker to Kanye West, Actually Huizenga, J Dilla, and The KLF. The CHS uses Demers’ critique to formulate a speculative history of a time plagued by contradictions. How could people of the early twenty-first century have believed that music was alive? And that music was simultaneously on the brink of extinction? Such seemingly academic questions shed light on why the United States subsequently chose to eliminate the humanities from universities, and to embrace fascism.

Anatomy of Thought-Fiction is published by Zero Books, and is available here.

Read an excerpt here.

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